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Gino D talks Hits 96 Running of the Chihuahuas XV, Brandon Davis performs

Festive Chihuahua Race Celebrated

Gino D talks Hits 96 Running of the Chihuahuas XV, Brandon Davis performs


Renowned radio host Gino D is back in the limelight, bringing us all the buzz about the exciting Hits 96 Running of the Chihuahuas XV set to happen this weekend. Bringing even more excitement to the quirky event, multi-talented artist Brandon Davis is slated to put on a mesmerizing performance ahead of his headlining gig at the much-anticipated occasion.

The Running of the Chihuahuas Celebrating Diversity

The iconic Hits 96 Running of the Chihuahuas is a 15-year tradition and a spectacle that deserves every bit of attention it gets. Combining a pet race, live performances, and a community coming together, this event truly holds a special place in the cultural fabric of Chattanooga.

Gino D Brings His Expertise to the Event

The highly esteemed Gino D brings his in-depth knowledge of pop culture and charming personality to the event. Our listeners and spectators can look forward to his engaging commentary and interactions at Hits 96 Running of the Chihuahuas XV.

Music and More

Amid the high-speed furry scrambles and good-natured canine competition, there will be waves of melodies. Brandon Davis, one of the most promising artists of this generation, is all set to enthrall the crowd with his music. He will be performing before headlining the grand event, adding to drops of excitement leading up to the grand festivity.

Engage with Gino D, Hits 96, and Brandon Davis

For more updates from Gino D and on the Hits 96 Running of the Chihuahuas XV, you can follow their Instagram pages and engage with them on their Facebook platforms. Similarly, to know more about Brandon Davis and his music, follow his Instagram profile and like his Facebook page.

Preparations for the event are in full swing. The residents of Chattanooga are looking forward to the spectacular event that promises a fascinating blend of fun, community, music, and chirpy Chihuahua energy. “HERE News Network” will keep a dedicated coverage on these exciting happenings. Stay tuned for more.

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