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Harrison Home Invasion Suspect Arrested, Claims He Was Forced To Participate

Hostage Rescued by Police

Harrison Home Invasion Suspect Arrested, Claims He Was Forced To Participate

In the heart of Harrison, authorities apprehended a man suspected of participating in a recent home invasion that ended in violence. The suspect, Shakur Lovelady, a 23-year-old male, asserted he was coerced into breaking into the residence. The homeowner ended up shooting and killing one intruder during the incident.

Charges and Confessions

Lovelady was apprehended by authorities last Thursday. He has been charged with several serious crimes including second-degree murder, criminal conspiracy, aggravated burglary, and possessing a firearm during the commission of a felony, according to court records. Lovelady is scheduled to make his first court appearance on April 16.

In Tennessee, an individual can be charged with murder if their felonious activities result in another person’s death, which undoubtedly contributes to Lovelady’s current charges. The accused was allegedly one of three individuals involved in the home invasion that took place on Shirley Pond Road on March 26. The homeowner shot at the intruders, one of whom received a fatal gunshot wound to the chest; this deceased man was identified as David Baker.

The Fatal Home Invasion

Just two nights prior to the invasion where Baker lost his life, there had been another break-in at the same residence during which eight firearms were stolen, as per the homeowner’s report to the Hamilton County deputies. Early in the morning of March 26, alerted by his barking dogs, the homeowner used his handgun to investigate the commotion. He faced off against three mysterious figures inside his own home. He opened fire after one of them, aiming a gun at him, turned in his direction. He confessed to having shot down the second individual in his dining room after that person fired shots at him. The two remaining suspects fled the scene by breaking and jumping out of an office window.

Cracking the Case

Investigators were able to make some significant headway in the case upon their arrival at the scene of the home invasion. They discovered one of the eight previously stolen firearms from the homeowner’s place next to the deceased Baker. In their efforts to identify the other suspects involved in the invasion, investigators utilized a Facebook video from Baker’s account uploaded the day before the incident took place. This led them to Lovelady, who was later found at a Cleveland extended stay hotel.

Lovelady allegedly confessed that Baker had coerced him into participating in the break-in with another unidentified individual. He claimed that after hearing the gunshots, he and his accomplice hastily jumped out the window and fled the scene. The vehicle they used to make their escape was traced back to Lovelady’s girlfriend, with Lovelady admitting to taking it from the hotel where they were staying after an argument the night before.

What’s Next For Lovelady?

Currently, Shakur Lovelady is being held at the Hamilton County Jail on a $750,000 bond per the official jail records. The unfolding of this case raises questions about personal safety, home invasions, and the consequences of participating in criminal acts. It is hoped justice will be served after full investigation and judgement.

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