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Affordable Housing and Money School: Interview with CNE’s Martina Guilfoil

Budget-friendly housing conceptual.

Affordable Housing and Money School: Interview with CNE’s Martina Guilfoil

Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise: A Boon For Affordable Housing.

Chattanooga– This city has been witnessing many positive changes in terms of affordable housing, thanks to the unabated efforts of Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE).

Last month, CNE celebrated the grand opening of a new phase of affordable housing development in the Highland Park neighborhood. This nonprofit organization has been working tirelessly for almost four decades, assisting residents of Chattanooga in buying their first home. Besides, CNE also aids homeowners with financial and technical support to maintain their properties.

Money School: A CNE Initiative

This Saturday, CNE will host a free “Money School” at the Construction Career Center located at 2225 Roanoke Avenue from 8 AM to 2 PM.

A Word With Martina Guilfoil

Martina Guilfoil, the President and CEO of CNE, shares more about their endeavors and plans. As per Guilfoil, the focus of the organization is not just to provide affordable housing but also to equip homeowners with the essential skills and knowledge to manage their property finances.


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