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Atlanta’s Jay Bailey Set for Prominent Role at DIVERSIFY Summit in Chattanooga

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Atlanta’s Jay Bailey Set for Prominent Role at DIVERSIFY Summit in Chattanooga

Chattanooga — Specializing in developing, growing, and scaling Black entrepreneurs, the H.J Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs, colloquially known as RICE, plays a dominating role in the Atlanta entrepreneurial scene.

With the annual DIVERSIFY Summit fast approaching, set to be held at the Chattanooga Convention Center, RICE’s dynamic president and CEO Jay Bailey is set to headline the event as the keynote speaker.

DIVERSIFY Summit’s High-Powered Keynote Speaker

Jay Bailey, who has been instrumental in shaping RICE’s mission and vision, will be the keynote speaker at the annual summit. The DIVERSIFY Summit, sponsored by the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, tentatively expect Bailey to address matters related to encouraging diversity in the entrepreneurship and corporate world.

Lorne Steedley, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusive Growth at the Chamber, anticipates that Bailey’s experiences at RICE will offer valuable insights for the event’s participants, many of whom are steadily making their mark in the entrepreneurial journey.

The DIVERSIFY Summit at Glance

The DIVERSIFY Summit, a half-day event scheduled on Wednesday, June 12th, starting at 11:30 AM, aims to bring together corporate executives, business owners, diversity and inclusion officers, human resource representatives, entrepreneurs, and more. The participants will have the chance to network, share, and learn how to leverage diversity as a competitive advantage in their roles and organizations.

The summit will feature a variety of sessions on a range of issues, including creating an inclusive culture in the workplace, strategies for improving diversity, and methods for incorporating diversity and inclusion into business strategies.

Anticipation for Bailey’s Keynote Speaker Role

Jay Bailey’s announcement as the keynote speaker has created quite a stir in the entrepreneurial circle. Lauded for his exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial acumen, Bailey has been a driving force behind fostering and scaling Black entrepreneurs in Atlanta through RICE’s various programs. Attendees of the DIVERSIFY Summit stand to greatly benefit from Bailey’s insights, learning from his experience and wisdom in inclusion and diversity entrepreneurship.

It’s a crucial component of the ongoing conversation about creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment across various industries and sectors. With the DIVERSIFY Summit, Chattanooga aims to foster an environment where individuals and organizations can learn and grow together, irrespective of the racial or cultural background they come from.

HERE News Network eagerly awaits the invaluable insights and ideas that will spring from this momentous event. It’s a great opportunity for individuals and organizations alike to further their understanding and efforts towards diversity and inclusion.

Source: HERE News Network. Author: HERE News.

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