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Journey With Giovanny: The Path Of Friendship From Colombia To Chattanooga

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“Journey With Giovanny”: The Path Of Friendship From Colombia To Chattanooga

In an inspiring tale of global friendship, a Chattanooga local’s journey reconnecting with his old friend spans languages, continents, and ultimately culminates in a beautiful bilingual musical album and film.

A Global Friendship

Chattanooga local, Steve Derthick, initially met Colombiano doorman, Giovanny Padilla Mojica, in 2008 when he and his family moved to Colombia for a service mission working with the Mennonite Central Committee. This worldwide ministry focuses on global relief, development, and peace. The two men developed a strong friendship during the Derthick family’s time there.

Despite the Derthick’s family subsequent return to Chattanooga, Steve’s bond with Giovanny remained unbroken. Even through the ups and downs, including Giovanny’s challenging departure from Colombia in 2022 to the United States, their friendship managed to stay strong.

From Friendship to Creation

Artistically interpreting Giovnanny’s journey and their mutual experiences, Steve enlisted the support of Pedro Abriles. Pedro is a Chilean songwriter, singer, and producer now based in Chattanooga. Their creative collaboration resulted in a bilingual album of songs, “Escenas del Viaje”, and a film called “Journey With Giovanny”.

“Journey With Giovanny”: The Film

“Journey With Giovanny” is a beautiful portrayal of Giovanny’s journey from Colombia to the United States. The film brings to life the unique world experiences, societal struggles, and the strength of global friendship in the modern world.

The film will be screened at multiple locations in Chattanooga on Saturday, March 23rd, and Sunday, March 24th.

A Musical Perspective

“Escenas del Viaje” complements the film with a blend of two cultures converging into a single stamp of artistic presentation. The musical journey touched upon in this album is a testament to the strength of human connection, experienced across language barriers and across miles.

The combined effort of Steve, Giovanny, and Pedro offers a poignant look into the power of global friendship and the shared human experiences of struggle, change, adaption, and resilience.

“Journey With Giovanny” and “Escenas del Viaje” serve as powerful reminders of the enduring strength of human connection bound by friendship and shared experiences.

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