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Chattanooga-Born Singer-Songwriter Kane Brown Finally Comfortable on Stage

Confident musician on stage.

Chattanooga-Born Singer-Songwriter Kane Brown Finally Comfortable on Stage

The Journey Through the Stardom

The Chattanooga-born singer-songwriter Kane Brown has made a name for himself in the world of music. Notably, he spent a significant part of 2022 touring internationally to promote his latest album, “Different Man.” The singer has now started a spring/summer tour this year, while his performance in Atlanta is expected on June 8. However, despite his initial lack of fondness for live performances, Brown now claims that he wouldn’t consider doing music if he wasn’t on stage.

“When people used to ask me what is your favorite part about music, I would always say the writing process and being in the studio,” shared Brown, “I wish I could be the artist that could just record and not ever have to get on stage. And now the stage is my favorite thing.”

The Comfort Zone

As Brown continued his journey in music, he slowly found comfort on stage. According to him, the shift in his nature from being introverted to extroverted when on stage has helped him enjoy performing live. “I’ve found another person that’s not me when I’m on stage,” he admitted. “The Kane on stage is very talkative, outgoing … It’s almost like a therapy session to me when I’m on stage. It’s super fun.”

An Unusual Path to Stardom

Brown’s road to stardom was not the traditional one of singing in clubs and bars. The singer first gained attention in 2013 when he was chosen for the TV talent show “X-Factor.” After the show’s producers attempted to put him in a boy band, Brown dropped out. Determined to carve out his own identity in the industry, he began posting videos online of himself performing covers of popular songs. His cover of George Strait’s “Check Yes or No,” posted on Sept. 30, 2015, went viral with 7 million views.

Breaking into Mainstream Music

Following his online success, Brown was signed by major label Sony/RCA, who later launched his career with the EP “Chapter 1” before releasing his full-length, self-titled debut in December 2016. His third single, “What Ifs,” topped Billboard’s Country Airplay chart, marking a significant step for his career. The follow-up single, “Heaven,” did even better; it reached number one simultaneously on all five main country charts — a first for any country artist.

Broadening Musical Horizon with “Different Man”

Brown’s latest album, “Different Man,” has continued his musical success streak. It has given birth to five more chart-topping hits and demonstrates an evolution in the artist’s musical style. Unlike his previous predominantly country records, “Different Man” introduces a combination of country, hip-hop, rock, and R&B genres.” Brown said, “I think it (‘Different Man’) definitely made people realize you never know which direction I’m going to go. I do like that.”

Looking To the Future

Brown has now reassured his fans about the new music on the way, stating, “We’re about to release two new songs and have a bunch more that we’ve been working on for the new album.” In addition to this, he is looking forward to a diversified live tour. Watching the crowd respond to his music drives him to experiment with his setlists and deliver an unforgettable experience to his audience.

The singer is also exploring opportunities outside of music, having made his acting debut in the series “Fire Country” in 2023. Sharing about his future endeavors, Brown said, “I’ve been reading a lot of scripts and just trying to immerse myself more in that world.”

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