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Kelly Administration Installs Four Train Warning Systems in the Area

Train safety technology installation.

Kelly Administration installs four train warning systems in the area

Tackling Delays and Uncertainty at Rail Crossings

In the Chattanooga region, an innovative solution has been unveiled to considerably alleviate delays and uncertainty for drivers at railroad crossings. The Kelly Administration has announced the installation of four state-of-the-art train warning systems in the bustling Hixson and Tyner communities.

The newly-installed systems, touted as a significant step in ensuring smoother traffic movement, have been developed in partnership with TRAINFO, a software company focusing on providing solutions for traffic delays at rail crossings. The train warning systems utilise audio sensors to gather real-time data at the crossings. Once the length of an incoming train is determined, the sensors relay this information to the warning systems, providing drivers with timely alerts regarding the expected clearing time at the affected blockage.

A Higher Degree of Road Safety and Efficiency

As part of the innovative feature, drivers would be alerted with messages such as “Train at XXX crossing, expect significant delays” in case a train’s length is indeterminable. Conversely, if the length is known, an appropriately tailored message would be displayed, indicating the expected time for the crossing to clear.

The recently installed systems can be found along Cassandra Smith, Hamill, and Hickory Valley Roads. These locations have been chosen due to their high vehicular traffic, seeing an average of 8,000 to 10,000 vehicles every day. Additionally, the crossings at these locations experience approximately 33 daily rail crossings whose durations can range from a brief two minutes to a staggering nine hours.

Integration with Google Maps and Waze

Enhancing the user experience, the city is also collaborating with digital map service providers Google Maps and Waze, allowing the warnings to be accessible to users of these platforms. Accurate and real-time data regarding railway crossings will be conveniently integrated into these applications, further empowering drivers and improving the overall traffic flow.

Phase Two: Emergency Dispatch Integration and Expansion

In an ambitious second phase of this project, the city plans to integrate these alerts with 911 emergency vehicle dispatch units. This integration would grant first responders the ability to reroute when facing potential railway crossing delays, thus ensuring timely emergency response.

Beyond this, there also plans to expand these systems to additional locations across the city, a decision that will hinge on the positive impact and success of the initial installation.

As reported by the HERE News Network, these recent developments showcase the city’s continuous efforts toward bolstering road safety, minimizing delays and improving the overall commuting experience for Chattanooga residents.

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