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Kennedy: Digital start-up, Zest, Brings New Flavor to Cooking Culture

Hipster chef cooking digitally.

Kennedy: Digital start-up, Zest, Brings New Flavor to Cooking Culture

Chattanooga – As food delivery services become a significant part of meal planning among Generation Z and younger millennials, questions over their long-term cost effectiveness, nutritional sustainability, and social inclusivity abound. Enter Zest, an innovative digital start-up, flipping the game by promoting a cool, healthier alternative: home cooking. Launched by co-founders Jake Gutstein and Graham Kirstein, the exciting new application is rekindling the art of cooking at home and building a vibrant dinner-party culture.

A Fresh Approach to Home Cooking

By empowering users with culinary school-style skills, Zest is set to carve a different path. In an era where guidance from social media cooks often left culinary newbies with more questions than answers, Zest is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of cooking. Its goal? To enable individuals to create impressive meals that can be shared with loved ones and friends.

This impressive feat is all accomplished through a digital app, with Zest catering to the tech-savvy generation that demands convenience with a pinch of learning.

Housed at Chattanooga’s Tech Incubator, Brickyard

Cradled in Chattanooga’s tech incubation hub, Brickyard, Zest has plunged into the world of gastronomy with an infectious energy. The initiative aims to combat reliance on food delivery services such as DoorDash and Uber Eats, which despite their convenience, have sparked concerns over their economic, health, and social ramifications.

Turning the Table on Food Delivery Culture

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered an increase in food delivery services, giving rise to a predominant “order in” meal culture. Zest founders believe that this trend could be reversed by equipping individuals with necessary cooking skills and promoting a vibrant dinner-party culture.

Cooking Up a Digital Solution

Zest provides an interactive and engaging solution for all those eager to learn culinary basics. From mastering the art of stir-frying to baking the perfect bread loaf, the application covers a broad spectrum of cooking techniques. Here’s a chance for the younger generation to turn their kitchen into a bustling playground and hold court at their own dinner parties.

Zest: Making Cooking Cool Again

Ultimately, the Zest team is committed to making home cooking a cool, trendy, and sustainable approach to meal planning and preparation. Fused with technology, this initiative is set to transform the cooking paradigm. So, here’s to rediscovering the joy of cooking and cultivating a culinary culture that’s healthy, fun, and communal.

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