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Exciting Live Music Events Lined Up in Chattanooga

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Exciting Live Music Events Lined Up in Chattanooga

Music enthusiasts in Chattanooga have a host of live events to look forward to in the coming days with a multitude of local bands ready to delight audiences with their performances. The upcoming Chattanooga Live Music events are lined up through April 20, and the city’s venues are all set to host these electrifying performances.

A Music Carnival at The Dark Roast Venue

The Dark Roast Venue, located at Stone Cup on 208 Frazier Ave, is gearing up to host a three-day musical extravaganza with over 30 local bands performing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The event — Saving The Venue Benefit — is a notable event in Chattanooga’s music calendar and is expected to draw large audiences. An engaging mix of performances is planned for each day of the event, promising a captivating musical weekend for all attendees.

Multiple Venues, Multiple Genres

The music scene in the city is vibrant and pulsating, with several venues lined up to host a variety of performances. The FEED co. Table & Tavern, 1885 Grill (St. Elmo), Wanderlinger Brew, Barrelhouse, and the Farm To Fork are just a few of the venues where live music will be staged. Genres spanning from comedy open mic nights to acoustic blues to jazz & wine tasting are on offer, ensuring there’s something for every music lover in the city.

Comedy, Blues, and Jazz

The line-up of performances includes Open Mic Comedy at JJ’s Bohemia, Music with Zech Dallas at The FEED co. Table & Tavern, Open Mic and Steaksauce Mustache with The Slow Attack & Gift Of Harvest at Dark Roast, and Live Jazz & Wine Tasting at The Forge CHA, among others. The focus is not just on music but also extends to genres like comedy, making it a truly diverse array of live performances.

Incredible Local Talents

The musical events aim to celebrate the diverse musical talents Chattanooga has to offer. Performers for these events range from new and up-and-coming artists like Rosewood Grips to established bands like Milele Roots. A special highlight of the event is the inclusion of local talents such as The Scarlet Love Conspiracy, Canon Tyler & The Spare Parts, and The Heels, who are all set to shine on the stage and amaze the crowd with their performances.


From comedy to blues to rock, the upcoming live music events in Chattanooga offer something for everyone and promise to bring local and visiting audiences an unforgettable experience. The city’s vibrant music scene, coupled with talented local performers and eclectic venues, ensures that Chattanooga remains a hub for live music and a must-visit destination for all music lovers. For more updates, stay tuned to HERE News.

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