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The Lost Weekend: The Photography Of May Pang Exhibition at ArtsBuild to Commemorate John Lennon’s “Lost Weekend”

Alcohol-induced photo montage.

“The Lost Weekend: The Photography Of May Pang” Exhibition at ArtsBuild to Commemorate John Lennon’s “Lost Weekend”

Chattanooga, TN— Starting from Tuesday, April 23 and continuing till Wednesday, April 24, May Pang, who was a longtime companion and an intimate lover of John Lennon during his infamous “Lost Weekend” phase will be presenting her private collection of candid photos featuring Lennon at a special two-day free exhibition at ArtsBuild, Chattanooga.

A Peek into Lennon’s Private Life

During these 18 tumultuous months (late 1973 through 1975) of Lennon’s life, the iconic musician was operating at his creative zenith, finding refuge in the companionship of May Pang. This will be a rare chance for fans and art enthusiasts to get a peek into Lennon’s personal life with this riveting collection of intimate moments.

Exhibition visitors will also have the incredible opportunity to meet May Pang in person as she will be sharing entertaining anecdotes behind some of these amazing, limited-edition photographs.

A Display of Amazing Art and Heartwarming Stories

This exhibition is not to be missed as it promises a rich tapestry of stories from a time when Lennon was creatively and commercially flourishing, churning out albums and collaborating with legendary musicians such as Elton John, David Bowie, Harry Nilsson, Mick Jagger, and Ringo Starr. It was May who whispered Lennon’s name in the song “#9 Dream” and was himself the inspiration behind another song “Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird of Paradox)”.

The role that May Pang played in encouraging Lennon to reconnect with his family and friends is equally admirable; an endeavor that climaxed with a memorable jamming session between Paul McCartney and Lennon, and a long overdue meeting with Julian Lennon, his son, who had not visited him for three years.

A Significant Chronicle of Lennon’s Life

“The Lost Weekend: The Photography of May Pang” will chronicle one of the most significant periods of Lennon’s life, featuring rare and intimate photographs from this era, including the only known photograph of Lennon signing the contract to dissolve the Beatles and one of the last known photographs of him and Paul McCartney together from March 29, 1974. These valuable pieces of Lennon and Beatles history have never been available to the public until now, making this event a must-see for fans.

The exhibition comes perfectly timed as it coincides with the recent digital release of the feature film documentary, “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story”, which depicts the intriguing relationship between May Pang and John Lennon.

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