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Man Charged with Attempted First-Degree Murder in East Brainerd Ballpark Shooting

Baseball park crime scene.

Man Charged with Attempted First-Degree Murder in East Brainerd Ballpark Shooting

Local Man Arrested in Connection to Shooting

A local man, Davonte Harris, 24, known to be resident of Chattanooga, is facing charges of attempted first-degree murder for his alleged involvement in a shooting. The incident occurred late Friday night in a parking lot adjoining an East Brainerd ballpark, according to the Chattanooga Police Department, no fatalities were reported.

Scene of the Crime

The shooting was described as intense and terrifying by witnesses at the scene. The ball fields, which are operated by the East Brainerd Youth Athletic Association, were due to host a pre-season tournament Friday and Saturday. “This is something we could never have imagined happening at our ballpark,” lamented the Association in a released statement.

Police Response

Authorities responded to a distress call at around 9:30 p.m. The police spokesperson, Sgt. Victor Miller, shared in a statement that along with the attempted first-degree murder, Harris is also being charged with reckless endangerment and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Community In Shock

This incident of violence has left the community, particularly the baseball-loving populace, in shock. The East Brainerd Youth Athletic Association reassured its clients that it will review and tighten security measures in and around the premises, in the statement. “Our number one priority is the safety of our players, coaches, and their families,” it added.

No Casualties Reported

According to Sgt. Victor Miller, the victim was immediately transferred to a hospital. The immediate response from emergency services led to the victim battling his wounds successfully. “The victim is in stable condition and is expected to make a full recovery,” confirmed the sergeant.

Investigation Ongoing

The Chattanooga Police Department is still investigating the incident and urges anyone with relevant information to come forward to help with the case. They, however, haven’t shared detailed information about the progress of their investigations, or the evidence that led to the arrest of Davonte Harris.

As of now, Harris remains in custody as his case is processed. The seriousness of his charges could lead to severe punishment if he’s found guilty. The attempted first-degree murder charge alone could result in a lengthy prison sentence.

Public Reaction

As news of the incident rippled across different sections of the city, concerned citizens and community leaders advocated for stricter gun control legislation as a measure to prevent such violent and disturbing incidents in the future.

Stay Tune For Updates

As more details about the shooting and the investigation unfurl, “HERE News Network” will keep you apprised with all the latest updates.

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