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Suspects remain on run after chase in Marion County leads to deputy patrol car rollover

Police car chase aftermath

Suspects remain on run after chase in Marion County leads to deputy patrol car rollover

Incident began near local church

Marion County, Tenn. — A dramatic police pursuit that initiated beside the Kelly’s Ferry Church of God on Highway 41 in Marion County culminated in a crashed patrol car and two suspects on the loose. The pursuit, which ended in Chattanooga, was a result of an unidentified group running from the local church located close to the Hamilton County line.

An unconfirmed number of individuals were witnessed by a local deputy hastily abandoning the church premises and getting into a parked vehicle nearby. The chase began as the deputy turned his car around to investigate the suspicious activity before the individuals sped off.

Deputy patrol car and suspects vehicle rollover

In a desperate attempt to bring the suspects to justice, Deputy Chris Layne, who was pursuing the suspects, lost control of his cruiser which led to a catastrophic rollover. The turbulent event luckily resulted in no serious injuries for the deputy at the helm.

Mirroring the event, the suspects’ car was found to have also crashed within Chattanooga borders with the suspects absconding the scene. The culprits attempted to gain entry into a residence on Francis Lane in Chattanooga, however, the vigilant homeowner, upon spotting the intrusion, fired a warning shot. This deterred the presumably armed suspects from their unlawful entry.

Prevalent search yields no immediate results

The Chattanooga police scrambled into action after being alerted of the ongoing incident, their efforts however, proved unfruitful as the suspects managed to evade capture. Marion County Sheriff’s Department and the Chattanooga Police, despite no immediate apprehensions, have reported potential leads suggesting that the pursuit of justice is far from over.

Residents of Marion county and Chattanooga are being advised to stay vigilant until the suspects are apprehended, while the ongoing police investigation into the matter continues.

As the ongoing investigation unfolds, HERE News Network will diligently keep you updated with any further developments in this case.

Call for Information

The local law enforcement agencies are urging anyone with information relating to this case to come forward, promising that all findings will remain confidential.

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