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Resurfacing Project Commences On McBrien Road From Ringgold Road to South Terrace

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Resurfacing Project Commences On McBrien Road From Ringgold Road to South Terrace

Chattanooga, TN – Starting this Monday, a significant roadway improvement project is set to commence in Chattanooga. The 1400 block of McBrien Road, from Ringgold Road to South Terrace, is poised for a resurfacing endeavor carried out by Talley Construction.

Anticipated Timeline and Progress

The construction kickoff is slated for Monday, March 11, with an anticipated completion time frame of approximately 14 days. During the construction process, intermittent lane closures on the 1400 block of McBrien Road will be necessary while crews conduct the resurfacing task. Talley Construction will station crews on the site to direct traffic through open roadway zones, ensuring safe progression of vehicles amidst the ongoing work.

Following the completion of the resurfacing operation, the whole block of McBrien Road from Ringgold Road to South Terrace will be fully reopened for public use. This improvement project aims to significantly enhance the driving experience on this frequently travelled Chattanooga street.

Diversion Plan

For the smooth flow of traffic during the period of construction, alternate routes have been identified for road users. Traffic planning to access McBrien Road from Ringgold Road will be directed towards Altamaha Street and S. Moore Road, preventing any potential traffic congestion caused by the temporary closure.

Safety and Emergency Measures

In order to ensure the safety of road users and minimize disruptions, clear signage and flaggers will be present for guidance and direction. However, contingent upon any emergencies, road users are advised to contact the East Ridge Police Department at 423-622-1725 or dial 911.

Expectations Following Completion

Upon the project’s completion, local residents and visitors can look forward to a greatly improved driving experience along this stretch of McBrien Road. The enhanced road quality will not only provide smoother car rides but also help mitigate traffic disturbances, thus boosting overall safety and convenience for Chattanooga’s commuting community.

The road upgrade aligns with the larger city efforts to continually improve safety and transportation infrastructure. The City of Chattanooga appreciates the public’s patience and understanding during this crucial period of improvement, assuring that the temporary inconvenience will ultimately result in long-term benefits.

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