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Mixology 101: Whiskey – A Complete Insight Into In-Person Class

Whiskey tasting class setup.

Mixology 101: Whiskey – A Complete Insight Into In-Person Class

Chattanooga, Tennessee’s premier mixology class is back in person after a long hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The well-known and respected educational program, Mixology 101: Whiskey, is set to be held at The Chattery, 1800 Rossville Avenue, Suite 108 in Chattanooga, Tennessee 37408, beginning promptly at 6:00 PM on March 22, 2024, and is set to be the class you won’t want to miss.

About Mixology 101: Whiskey

This immersive class offers participants the opportunity to deep-dive into the world of whiskey. Participants will have the unique opportunity to taste three different types of whiskey: sour mash, wheated bourbon, rye whiskey, and Scotch whiskey. More than just tasting, attendees will gain a rich understanding of each whiskey variant and their unique characteristics. Additionally, participants will learn how to make two signature cocktails and gain hands-on experience on the basic skills required to replicate these tasty concoctions at home.

But that’s not all! The class also teaches fun and innovative ways to impress your friends and families with homemade ingredients and fun garnishes. At the end of the class, each participant will take home recipe cards and instructions to help them recreate the learned cocktails and impress their family and friends. Please note, you must be 21 or over to attend this course.

About the Teacher – Kaleena Goldsworthy

When it comes to hospitality and mixology, there are few names as respected in Chattanooga, TN as Kaleena. Arriving in Chattanooga in 2013, Kaleena shifted her focus from being an aspiring musician to an aspiring bartender, joining a promising bar team with no prior bartending experience. This leap of faith paid off, turning into a robust career in the hospitality industry. Kaleena has since gained several certifications, has participated in various educational programs, and has studied under some of the industry’s leading innovators, mentors, and distillers.

Aside from mixology, Kaleena’s interests span to herbalism, urban farming, and creating unique bitters at home – a hobby that eventually led her to reform a house bill in Tennessee in 2017, allowing bitters makers to be regulated as non-beverage products in Tennessee. This enabled her to launch The Bitter Bottle, the first legal alcohol-based bitters company in the state. In addition to this, Kaleena has worked with various entrepreneurs and businesses, assisting them in building brands, coaching small business owners, and providing educational and beverage-inspired events for her community.

Booking details and More

Aspiring mixologists who are keen on experiencing the magic stirred up by Kaleena in her Mixology 101: Whiskey class can buy tickets from The Pulse Event Search’s Food & Drink Website. Attendees can direct any questions or concerns via email (please enable javascript to view) or call at 4235212643. Remember, the class takes place on March 22, 2024, between 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM at The Chattery.

So grab your friends, learn something new, and immerse yourself in the world of whiskey all while having a good time!

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