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Montlake Road Closure on April 20th For Litter Pick-up in Chattanooga City

Roadside litter clean-up event.

Montlake Road Closure on April 20th For Litter Pick-up in Chattanooga City

Road Closure for Public Cleanliness

On the 20th of April, Chattanooga citizens should anticipate a temporary closure along Montlake Road, between Montlake Circle and Brow Lake Road. This closure is deemed necessary for a scheduled litter pick-up event planned by the community. Emphasizing the city’s commitment to cleanliness, this litter pick-up task will begin as early as 8 a.m. and continue through 12 noon.

Alternate Routes and Restrictions

Citizens residing within the restricted zone of the road closure will still have access to their homes. Nevertheless, the city advises all other commuters to strategize their travel through other routes to avoid any inconvenience. Based on the road map, Mowbray Pike or Hotwater Road serve as reliable and convenient alternate routes to assist commuters during the temporary closure for those traveling to and from Mowbray Mountain.

Detours and Postings

To heed the comfort and regulate the smooth flow of traffic, detour signs will be duly posted in prominent positions for drivers to follow. The city has also made it a point to communicate this change well in advance to help the public plan their transportation better. The residents of Chattanooga City are asked to understand and cooperate with the community-oriented initiative planned for our collective surroundings’ betterment.

Citizenship in Action

The road closure and litter pick-up signify a thoughtful and proactive effort by the city’s community members. This initiative reflects the active participation of individuals in maintaining the aesthetic and sanitary conditions of their city. The aim is to ensure that Chattanooga City remains a clean, habitable, and attractive place for its residents and visitors alike. The literary pick-up not only keeps the city clean but also fosters a spirit of community service among its citizens.

Concluding Call to Action

The city encourages everyone to lend their support and patience during this planned closure. It is indeed a collective responsibility to keep our town clean, tidy, and attractive. Let’s all work together, adapt to the day’s alterations, and contribute to Chattanooga City’s cleanliness cause. Your understanding is appreciated as the local government and community members strive for a cleaner and healthier urban environment.

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