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The Upcoming Moth Ball May Be Sold Out, But You Can Still Make A Difference

Moth-themed charity fundraising event.

The Upcoming Moth Ball May Be Sold Out, But You Can Still Make A Difference

Celebration for Cause in Chattanooga

In a ringing endorsement of local support for causes with a social impact, the high-profile event, the Moth Ball 2024, due to be held in Chattanooga was declared sold out. The event presented by CityScope Magazine is expected to pull a crowd of over 1,000 ladies, convening to enjoy a night out with food, drinks, and dancing for a noble cause. However, the absence of tickets does not spell the end for those still eager to contribute to the cause the event supports, Love’s Arm.

About Love’s Arm

Established in 2005, Love’s Arm stands out as the city’s oldest organization dedicated to the cause of rescuing women survivors of various types of commercial sexual exploitation. This includes but is not limited to trafficking, addiction, and prostitution. The not-for-profit organization provides a wide range of services to help victims regain control over their lives. This includes assistance with food, clothing, medical care, offering long-term and short-term housing cost-free, and most importantly therapeutic treatment for the emotional and physical trauma suffered often since childhood.

Several of these victims are mothers upon rescue. Their healing and subsequent thriving have positive effects that ripple out, touching the lives of their children and the wider community through them.

Supporting Love’s Arm

While the Moth Ball 2024 may be sold out, doors are still wide open for anyone willing to contribute to Love’s Arm. Despite missing out on the glamorous event, important donations and support can still be extended to the organization. Funds generated from the event by CityScope Magazine 2024 are intended to directly benefit the women and children rescued and supported by Love’s Arm, right here in Chattanooga.

Every individual contribution counts and helps make a significant difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Donations are currently being accepted on their official website, Further information about the organization and how the collected funds are utilized can also be found on the website.

Joining Hands for the Cause

The immense popularity of the Moth Ball and the speed at which the tickets sold out underscores the collective societal commitment towards eradicating such deeply rooted social evils and supporting the healing and growth of the survivors.

This compassionate response from the city’s residents reaffirms the inherent human capacity to extend love, support, and aid to those who have been dealt a harsh hand in life. The desire to contribute towards such a noble cause goes beyond attending the sold-out Moth Ball. The hearts of the citizens of Chattanooga remain with Love’s Arm and the cause it fights for, today and every day.

Reporting for HERE News Network, this is HERE News, reminding everyone that it’s never too late to make a difference.

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