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Pet Paradise Selects Chattanooga for Its 60th Resort Location – Expanding Pet Care Excellence

Luxurious Pet Resort Setting

Pet Paradise Selects Chattanooga for Its 60th ‘Resort’ Location

Expansion of the Pet Paradise Chain

Officials at Pet Paradise LLC, a Florida-based pet “resort” chain, recently confirmed their new establishment in the Chattanooga area. Having invested $6 million on a spacious site of 15,000 square feet, the company launched its most recent venue in the Ooltewah area in mid-March. The chosen location, at 5941 Elementary Way in Collegedale, adds to the growing list of the company’s establishments, marking its 60th nationwide resort and the second in Tennessee.

Making a Mark in Tennessee

With the first Tennessee-based Pet Paradise having opened last summer in Murfreesboro, the company decided to expand its ground within the state. Dina Beam, a Vice President at Pet Paradise, noted the dedication that goes into choosing new locations. “When we go to a new city or state, we do a lot of data gathering. We look for up-and-coming municipalities, where the growth areas are,” she explained.

Chattanooga’s Growing Demand

Factors such as the high growth rate, an upcoming municipal area, and demographic edgings have led the company to choose Chattanooga. Beam added that its proximity to the airport, making it convenient for many people to drop off pets while embarking on their travels, was a significant advantage.

“The demographics in Chattanooga were huge — the location is near the airport, so it’s convenient for a lot of people to drop off pets when they’re flying out.” – Dina Beam, Vice President at Pet Paradise.

Service With a Twist

Pet Paradise is known for its unique approach towards pet care. Here, they handle pets differently when compared to traditional pet care centers. They believe in providing a complete “resort” experience to the pets under their care. Not only do they offer standard services like grooming and healthcare, but they also engage pets in a variety of activities meant to enhance their well-being.

Looking Ahead

The company aims to extend its nationwide footprint continuously, offering unique and quality care for pets. By selecting Chattanooga and investing substantially on a state-of-the-art facility, Pet Paradise is committed to providing an unparalleled service that supports the evolving necessities of pet owners.

“Our goal is to keep expanding to new cities and states to provide the best possible care and experience for pets,” Beam expressed, indicating that this is just the beginning of Pet Paradise’s expansion.

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