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Capturing the Moment: A Stellar Night of Photography at UTC

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Capturing the Moment: A Stellar Night of Photography at UTC

Chattanooga, TN – A Night of Awe and Inspiration

On March 6, 2024, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) hosted its 8th annual Photo Night at the Roland Hayes Concert Hall in the Fine Arts Center. This dazzling affair brought together students, staff, faculty, and community members alike under one roof for an enthusiastic celebration of the art of photography.

Workshops and Presentations: An In-depth Learning Experience

Throughout the day, the event witnessed a host of workshops conducted by professional photographers providing valuable insights, tips, and hands-on experience to the participants. As the workshops concluded, the official event commenced, highlighted by rich presentations from five professional photographers.

The remarkable speakers included recent UTC communication graduate and wedding photographer Mariel Echavez Mathis, Kevin Liles, a renowned photographer for the Atlanta Braves, and documentary photojournalist Kathleen Greeson. Additionally, attendees were inspired by presentations by freelance and nature photographer Wade Payne and photojournalist Billy Weeks, who also brilliantly coordinated the event as an associate lecturer at UTC.

Spotlight on Rising Rock Students

The event was interspersed with videos produced by students from the Rising Rock initiative at UTC. These vibrant video presentations served as a platform for these talented young artists to exhibit their unique creativity and competence, contributing to the educational and artistic spirit of the event.

A Gathering Place for Photography Enthusiasts

Photo Night attracted an enthusiastic crowd of students, faculty, staff, and community members who all shared a passion for photography. The Roland Hayes Concert Hall was brimming with eager listeners during each presentation, and the exhilarated atmosphere was palpable. Conversation was filled with discussions around photography techniques, renowned photographers, and a shared appreciation for the art.

Looking to the Future

The 8th annual Photo Night, hosted by UTC’s Department of Communication, was a testament to the universality of the photographic arts and the continued growth of the photography community in Chattanooga. By hosting such events, UTC aims to nurture the talent and passion for photography among its students and community members, fostering a future rich in visual storytelling.

In the end, the event solidified the statement that a photograph is not just an image, but a moment captured in time, a story told without words, and a universal language that resonates with everyone.

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