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Poetry and Poverty: A Prolific Night with Poets Moll King and Nikki Lake

Candlelit poetry reading scene.

Poetry and Poverty: A Prolific Night with Poets Moll King and Nikki Lake

Chattanooga, known for its thriving art scene, was treated to an enriching evening of poetry and provoking discourse on Monday. Renowned local poets Moll King and Nikki Lake hosted an event dedicated to the intricate topics of housing and homelessness within the community.

Moll King Draws from “As You Did to The Least of These”

Moll King, having spent ten fruitful years in Chattanooga, presented original poems from her poignant collection, “As You Did to The Least of These”. The anthology delves into the multilayered issues of housing and homelessness, articulating the experiences of society’s most vulnerable.

King, known for her political and socio-economic poetic ventures, has strived to emphasize matters of poverty. Her thought-provoking words encapsulate community hardships, personal experiences, and the undeniable frustration over the escalating housing and food costs.

Nikki Lake: Poetry and Action for Love, Equality, and Benevolence

Guest poet Nikki Lake, a passionate volunteer within the community, is the director of the Chattanooga Community Co-Op and a member of Chattanooga in Action for Love, Equality, and Benevolence (CALEB). Lake’s poetry was accompanied by a presentation on CALEB’S housing statements, followed by a lively discussion on the challenges faced by the city, potential solutions, and ways for the community to lend a helping hand in alleviating poverty.

An Evening of Art and Activism

The poetry reading and conversation took place from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Townsend Atelier within the Arts Building at 301 E. 11th Street – a creative and inspiring setting for artists and art lovers alike.

Moll King, the diligent organizer of this event, collaborated with community partners like CALEB, Chattanooga Food Co-Op, HART Gallery, Helping Hands Community Pantry, and Townsend Atelier, presenting an evening of collaborative effort to tackle an urgent matter.

Impacting the Community through the Power of Words

This evening with Moll King and Nikki Lake emphasized the role of artists in raising awareness around critical issues. Their words, filled with raw emotion and passion, yet loaded with facts and perspective, reflected the struggles and hopes of many Chattanoogans.

Their aim was to illustrate the reality of homelessness and lend a voice to those often overlooked, all while encouraging community action to create a more inclusive and caring Chattanooga.

Call for Civic Involvement

The event highlighted the need for increased civic dialogue and involvement to address the multifaceted issues surrounding homelessness. The poets successfully fostered a space for participants to engage in discussions, sharing ideas, and instigating action towards a common societal goal – a testament to the profound impact of the arts on society.

The night culminated with a strong sense of community and the shared vision for an economically diverse and inclusive Chattanooga. It harnessed the power of the written word to not merely entertain but to educate, inspire and effect tangible change within the community.

This inspiring event clearly demonstrated that the arts, particularly poetry, can be a powerful medium to catalyze conversations and actions for societal improvement. It showed that nothing is more powerful than words when it comes to awakening the communal spirit of a city.

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