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Poetry And Poverty At Townsend Atelier In Chattanooga: A Stirring Connection Between Art and Advocacy

Poverty-inspired poetry performance.

“Poetry And Poverty” At Townsend Atelier In Chattanooga: A Stirring Connection Between Art and Advocacy

Published March 18, 2024 | By HERE News Network

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Chattanooga, renowned for its vibrant arts community, has been set alight by a stirring event connecting the power of art and the pervasive issue of poverty. A local poet, Moll King, is set to recite from her recent collection at the upcoming “Poetry and Poverty: It’s Time to Talk About It” event to be held at Townsend Atelier on 11th St.

Moll King to Provide a Poetic Lens on Homelessness

Last year, Moll King graced the stage of the Barking Legs Theater in celebration of its 30th anniversary Incubator Project. During her performance, Moll unveiled her recent collection of poems, “As You Did to the Leased of These”, a thought-provoking exploration of housing and homelessness in Chattanooga.

The upcoming event at the Townsend Atelier, scheduled to start at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, will offer an opportunity to once again engage with King’s poetry, emphasizing the urgent need for communal discussions about poverty.

A Special Guest Poet: Nikki Lake

Adding to the depth of the proceedings will be Nikki Lake, a guest poet who also volunteers with the Chattanooga in Action for Love, Equality, and Benevolence (CALEB). In addition to her poetic contribution, Lake serves as the director of the Chattanooga Community Co-Op, further emphasizing the bond between the arts and social advocacy in the city.

Following the performances by King and Lake, a discussion is planned with the intention of fostering a deeper, community-wide dialogue about issues relating to poverty and homelessness in Chattanooga.

Chattanooga’s Arts Community Casts Light on Social Issues

The forthcoming “Poetry and Poverty: It’s Time to Talk About It” event signifies the dedication and heart of Chattanooga’s bustling arts community. By using the platform and influence of the arts, figures like King and Lake seek to shed light on crucial social issues, building bridges of understanding and promoting benevolence.

Chattanooga continues to prove itself to be a city where creativity and activism blend seamlessly, using art as a mirror to society while also sparking vital conversations. The upcoming event at Townsend Atelier is a testament to this ethos, underscoring the role of the city’s artists in instigating change and driving dialogue.

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