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Police Apprehend, Charge Man in Relation to February 27 Incident

Police apprehending suspect outdoors.

Police Apprehend, Charge Man in Relation to February 27 Incident

East Ridge police have apprehended and formally charged a man associated with a felony that took place in late February. The man identified as Edward Dewayne Duckett, 24, of an Arcadian Avenue address in Chattanooga, had felony warrants standing against him, issued as a result of the shocking events that occurred on February 27. On the said date, Duckett reported intentionally ramming a police vehicle.

Details of Incident

According to the information released by the East Ridge Police Department (ERPD) on Thursday, the incident took place when a stolen vehicle was detected by the License Plate Reader (LPR) placed at the intersection of Camp Jordan Parkway and Ringgold Road. The LPR successfully identified the vehicle driven by Duckett as stolen.

In an attempt to interdict the suspect, the police issued verbal commands to Duckett. In response, Duckett reportedly taunted the officers before intentionally accelerating towards them. This highly dangerous act led to an officer narrowly avoiding being hit by the vehicle. The swift response by East Ridge detectives led them to identify Duckett as the primary suspect quickly.

Charges against Duckett

Following these events, today, Duckett was apprehended on warrants that laid thick and heavy. The charges against him include two counts of aggravated assault on police officers, one count of feloniously endangering lives recklessly, felony evading arrest, and theft amounting to over $10,000.

Role of Law Enforcement Agencies

The resolution of this case required relentless effort and unwavering determination of the members of the East Ridge Police Department. Gratitude is also owed to the various law enforcement partners, both local and state, as well as federal departments, whose assistance was crucial in investigating this case.

The police apprehension of Duckett has led to a sigh of relief within the community. Furthermore, it has affirmed faith in the local law enforcement machinery. As East Ridge Police Chief Clint Uselton praised the police department for its diligent work, he also expressed his gratitude towards their counterparts.

The exact trial schedule for Duckett is yet to be announced. Meanwhile, the East Ridge community rests easier knowing an alleged felon is behind bars.

Dedication to the Community

The handling of this case is a reflection of men and women in uniform’s dedication to safeguarding the community by ensuring that all perpetrators are brought to justice timely. This incident is a glowing representation of the principle “Justice delayed is justice denied”.

As we await more updates on Duckett’s trial, the commitment to peace and justice exhibited by the various law enforcement arms stands as an inspiration to us.


All the information here was sourced from the East Ridge Police Department official press release. For any further updates on this case, stay tuned to the HERE News Network.

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