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Individual With Outstanding Warrants Discovered In Taco Bell Parking Lot – And Other Collegedale Police Calls

"Police arrest in parking lot"

Individual With Outstanding Warrants Discovered In Taco Bell Parking Lot – And Other Collegedale Police Calls

Collegedale, Tennessee, experienced an eventful day last Friday as local police officers encountered numerous incidents, including the arrest of an individual with outstanding warrants discovered in a Taco Bell parking lot.

The Arrest in Taco Bell Parking Lot

Officers from Collegedale Police Department were doing a routine check around town when they made contact with an individual in a vehicle parked at a Taco Bell lot after business hours. Further investigations revealed that the individual in question had active arrest warrants issued by Hamilton County. The details of the charges were not disclosed, but the suspect was subsequently taken into custody.

False Alarm And Road Accidents

Earlier that same day, the police responded to an alarm at a local restaurant, Salsarita. Upon arrival, it was found that the signal was a false one. No signs of attempted burglary or other forms of intrusion were noted.

Also, officers were kept busy with traffic incidents. A minor fender bender was reported in the 100300 block of Apison Pike. Thankfully, no injuries were reported from this incident. Alongside, a no-injury crash was also reported in the 5600 block of Little Debbie Parkway. Additionally, a minor crash was reported in the 9900 block of Apison Pike. However, no significant disturbance to traffic was noted in these instances.

Other Responses

The Collegedale Police also responded to a call in the 9600 block of Homewood Circle. The initial report was about a child screaming in the area. However, after searching extensively, officers could not find any distress signs or ascertain potential problems.

A disorder was reported later in the day in the 5300 block of High Street. Thankfully, peace was restored quickly upon the arrival of the officers, and no arrests were made in relation to this incident.

While the callouts mentioned did not result in severe events or extensive citywide disruptions, they reflect a typical day in the life of an officer in the Collegedale Police Department. The incidents also underscore the importance of remaining vigilant about community safety for both residents and local law enforcement agencies.

The Collegedale Police Department continues to motivate residents to report any unusual activity or incidents in their neighborhoods. These calls aid in ensuring that Collegedale remains a safe and peaceful place to live.

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