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Police Capture Wanted Man in Hamilton County After High-Speed Pursuit

Police car chasing fugitive


Police Capture Wanted Man in Hamilton County After High-Speed Pursuit

Arrest on Multiple Charges Follows High-Speed Chase

In a thrilling culmination to a high-speed chase spanning parts of Hamilton County, authorities have apprehended a man believed to be responsible for a series of burglaries in the area. Arrested was 29-year-old Joshua Lee Crump, whose image and information had been widely circulated among law enforcement agencies in the borough and surrounding counties.

Authorities disclosed that Crump had been a prime suspect wanted for multiple burglaries, including the theft of firearms and ammunition from a local gun store, North Georgia Reloaders. He was also associated with an attempted break-in at Academy Sports on Gunbarrel Road, leading law enforcement to warn the public that Crump was potentially armed and dangerous.

The Pursuit of Justice

The pursuit began when Chattanooga Police made their initial attempt to apprehend him around 11:30 p.m. on March 2. Upon hearing the alert, deputies from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office swiftly responded, joining the pursuit near Lee Highway.

Attempts to halt Crump’s vehicle employing spike strips failed to deter the fugitive, as he managed to dodge the impediments in his way. Officers eventually resorted to a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) maneuver, which resulted in Crump colliding with a marked patrol vehicle on the 2200 block of Wilson Street.

In a brief but intense confrontation, law enforcement succeeded in taking Crump into custody without any reported injuries to either side.

A Litany of Charges Follows Pursuit

The charges brought against Crump are comprehensive, reflecting the numerous crimes he is believed to have committed. They include DUI, driving on a revoked or suspended license, theft of property, burglary, vandalism/malicious mischief, theft of a car (valued over $10,000), reckless endangerment, stop sign violation, reckless driving, aggravated assault, and felony evading arrest.

Hamilton County Sheriff Austin Garrett issued a stern warning following the arrest, stating, “Let me be clear… Do not run from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. My deputies are specifically trained to stop a pursuit and we will not tolerate criminals who prey upon this county. If you choose to commit criminal acts and endanger innocent motorists and law enforcement by choosing to flee, my deputies will stop you.”

While the pursuit resulted in some property damage, no injuries were reported among law enforcement personnel, the suspect, or bystanders. The arrest of Joshua Lee Crump serves as a strong reminder of law enforcement’s dedication to ensuring the safety and security of the community. It also underscores the importance of cooperation between various agencies in apprehending individuals who pose a threat to public safety.

The successful resolution of this high-speed pursuit demonstrates the effectiveness of law enforcement tactics and training in apprehending dangerous suspects while minimizing risk to the public. By swiftly mobilizing resources and employing strategic maneuvers, officers were able to safely bring the pursuit to an end and take the suspect into custody.

The litany of charges brought against Crump reflects the seriousness of his alleged crimes and the impact they have had on the community. From theft and burglary to reckless endangerment and assault, Crump now faces the consequences of his actions as he navigates the legal system.

Sheriff Garrett’s message serves as a clear warning to would-be criminals that law enforcement will not tolerate dangerous behavior that puts innocent lives at risk. By holding individuals like Crump accountable for their actions, law enforcement agencies work to maintain law and order and ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

As the legal process unfolds, the community can take comfort in knowing that individuals who choose to engage in criminal activity will be pursued and apprehended by law enforcement agencies committed to upholding justice and protecting the community. The arrest of Joshua Lee Crump marks a significant victory in the ongoing efforts to combat crime and maintain public safety in Hamilton County and beyond.

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