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New Tax Incentive Policy To Be Proposed

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New Tax Incentive Policy To Be Proposed


The Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, together with city staff, is gearing up to propose a new tax incentive policy. The proposal is to make a major shift in the way tax breaks for new companies entering the city are approved.

Current Tax Break Approval Process

At present, both the Chattanooga City Council and Hamilton County Commission share the task of granting tax breaks to newly entering companies in Chattanooga. This makes Chattanooga unique in Tennessee, where typically only the city or county has sole responsibility for approving such tax incentives.

Proposed Tax Break Approval Process

The proposed tax incentive policy suggests a more efficient process where key industry sectors such as manufacturing, professional services, and companies considering relocating their headquarters to Chattanooga could receive tax breaks up to an established threshold. These tax breaks would receive approval solely from the Industrial Review Board following a recommendation from the Chamber of Commerce.

Expected Benefits

Proponents of the new proposal argue that this adjustment would simplify the process of ushering in new businesses to Chattanooga, allowing the city to become even more competitive. It is expected to create more job opportunities and enhance the overall city’s economic expansion.

Jermaine Freeman, the Chief of Staff for Chattanooga mayor, Tim Kelly, spoke about the measure, saying, “We are not asking for the City Council to give up its ability to review PILOTS… Are there certain types of key industries that have the Council’s support for delegating responsibilities to this board? If these projects meet specific investments and job creation thresholds, we can all agree these are key industries we are keen on recruiting to grow within the City of Chattanooga.”

Upcoming Procedures

As of now, the proposed policy has not been set for a vote. However, the Chattanooga authorities will need to delve deeper into its implications and explore its potential to fortify the city’s competitive position before making any decisions. The exact details regarding the voting schedule and timeline for when the proposed changes could come into effect are not currently available.


The revision of tax incentive policies aims to decrease regulatory obstacles, nurture the growth of local industries, and make Chattanooga a more attractive option for companies and industries seeking to establish new operations or relocate to the city.

All information and developments will be followed keenly as they unfold. Should the new tax incentive policy proposal pass, it could mark a significant shift in Chattanooga’s approach to attracting new businesses and fostering economic growth.

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