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Universal human being: With Ramadan, Chattanooga Muslims Tune In to God and One Another

Muslims praying together Ramadan.

‘Universal human being:’ With Ramadan, Chattanooga Muslims Tune In to God and One Another

Ramadan: A Time for Unity and Reflection

In Chattanooga, Muslims are readying themselves for the holy month of Ramadan. The month long spiritual journey is a time for prayerful reflection and heightened commitment to charitable acts, and Hammad El-Ameen, a local Imam and leader in the community, is embracing it as a time of unity and attunement to a deeper purpose.

During the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, Ramadan participants partake in a sunrise-to-sunset fast, abstaining from food and water as part of their commitment to grow in their relationship with God. For Hammad El-Ameen, the month-long fast is a “30-day boot camp to get yourself back in line with God.”

The Personal Journey of Imam El-Ameen

Imam El-Ameen’s journey to become a figurehead within the Muslim community is an interesting one. Born and raised in a Christian family during the segregation-era in Dalton, his early experiences were marked by the racial prejudices of his time. His conversion to Islam later during his military service symbolized not just a change in religious affiliation but a deeper sense of unity that has come to define his understanding of the faith and his role within it.

The core message of his Islamic teachings centers around unity—the unity of human beings regardless of race or color, and the unity of purpose in living a God-conscious life. There is an inherent universality that echoes in his description of a ‘Universal Human Being.’ This sought-after unity translates into a dedication to being more generous towards others and handling all of life’s blessings more responsibly on both an individual and shared, societal level.

Back to Basics: The Core Teachings of Islam

Ramadan is a time when Muslims across the globe, and in Chattanooga, recommit to the core tenets of Islam. For El-Ameen, this includes striving to become more conscious of the presence and guidance of God in day to day life and becoming better stewards of the gifts they have received.

As Chattanooga Muslims prepare for Ramadan, they are afforded the opportunity to renew their focus on these principles and how they translate into daily life; limiting physical intake of food and water throughout the daylight hours provides an external discipline that translates to internal mindfulness, while also serving as a reminder of the challenges that some less fortunate individuals face daily.

The Influence of Ramadan

Imam El-Ameen’s embrace of the holy month serves as a guide for those within the Chattanooga Muslim community and beyond. His personal journey from a child of segregation to a revered spiritual leader offers a unique perspective and a tangible testament to the transformative power of faith.

The anticipated beginning of Ramadan reminds all, both within the faith and outside it, of the universal human experience—unity, God-consciousness, and stewardship of one’s gifts and responsibilities. El-Ameen’s life and teachings serve as a microcosm of the larger lived experience of many Muslims, in Chattanooga and beyond, as they prepare for and embark on the spiritual journey that is Ramadan.

Wrapping Up

As the crescent moon signals the beginning of the holy month this Monday, Imam El-Ameen along with the entire Muslim community of Chattanooga, look forward to a period of deepened prayer, heightened generosity, and reaffirmed unity – truly living the message of being a ‘Universal human being.’

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