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Fire Ravages Residence in Mowbray

House fire aftermath scene.

Fire Ravages Residence in Mowbray

Distressing reports emerged from Chattanooga on Wednesday as a house located at 1018 Bunker Ridge Trail in Mowbray was severely damaged by fire. According to the information provided by a distraught neighbour, the Mowbray Volunteer Fire Department (VFD) was alerted at around 6 pm via a 911 call recounting a severe explosion and subsequent house fire.

Firefighters Race Against Time

Upon reaching the scene, the firefighters found the house already enveloped in 30-foot tall flames. The back of the home was heavily engulfed, with plumes of thick black smoke visible from the valley. The firefighters wasted no time in conducting an interior attack and swiftly discovered that the inferno primarily originated from the basement and the back side of the home.

Emergency Mutual Aid Response In Action

Recognizing the situation’s severity, the Mowbray VFD sought a mutual aid response to bolster its firefighting capacity. Other departments, namely the Soddy Daisy Fire Department, Sequoyah Volunteer Fire Department, and Chattanooga Fire, immediately responded to the call and rushed to the site. Ensuring the safety of the first responders, Hamilton County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were also present at the scene.

No Reported Injuries

In a fortunate turn of events, no injuries were reported in the incident, either from the occupants or the first responders. The homeowners were safely evacuated in time, thus averting a potential tragedy.

Property Damage Report

Despite the concerted efforts of the firefighters, the property ended up being totally engulfed by the fire. The extent of the damage is yet to be ascertained, with the Mowbray VFD officials estimating a total loss. The property’s present condition stands severe, with a complete charred and ruined interior, leaving nothing salvageable for the homeowners.

A Temporary Shelter

The displaced homeowners will temporarily be staying with relatives until they can find a more permanent solution. Local community assistance programs are also rallying to provide additional support and resources in their time of need.

Investigation Ongoing

The cause of the explosion that seemingly triggered the fire is unknown, and an investigation is currently underway. Fire investigators from the Mowbray VFD will partner with other agencies in this probe to reveal the circumstances leading to this tragedy. The public is advised to stay away from the site to avoid interfering with the ongoing investigation and to ensure their safety around the unstable structure.

This unfortunate incident is a sobering reminder of the importance of fire safety measures and avoidance of potential fire hazards in our homes. As a community, we extend our heartfelt sympathies to the affected homeowners and hope for their quick recovery post this traumatizing event.

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