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Sheriff: Man Shot in Knee After Assaulting Son, Neighbor

Sheriff arresting injured man.

Sheriff: Man Shot in Knee After Assaulting Son, Neighbor

Man Pronounced Aggressor in Recent Shooting Incident

In an incident transforming the conventions of a crime scene, investigators have found the alleged victim to actually be the aggressor. Following a Thursday evening shooting on Vulcan Lane in Harrison, it has been confirmed that the individual who was shot was, in fact, the perpetrator of an assault against his own son and a neighbor.

The individual, identified as Gregory Burnett, confronted his son and a neighbor in an altercation Wednesday night. In response to his aggressive behavior, Burnett was shot in the knee, marking a stark case of self-defense.

Presently, Mr. Burnett himself is facing several charges including domestic assault and assault. This development comes as investigators delved more into the incident, painting a horrifying picture of family violence.

HCSO Deputies Respond to Distress Call

Circling back to the original incident, reports state that Thursday evening, around 7 p.m., Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office deputies received a distress call from the 6000 block of Vulcan Lane. Upon arriving at the scene, deputies found a man, later identified as Mr. Burnett, suffering from a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the knee.

The Criminal Investigations Unit under HCSO took up the investigation. Preliminary inquiries and crime scene assessments did not spark any imminent threat to the community. However, it was made clear that the incident stemmed from internal disputes.

Evidence and Statements Paint a Clear Picture

The classification of Mr. Burnett from a victim to an aggressor can be linked to concrete evidence and statements gathered by the investigators. As reported by the HERE News Network, witnesses and people familiar with the situation told that Mr. Burnett had assaulted his son and a neighbor and the gunshot was an act of self-defense.

The revelation brought about a palpable shift in the focus from the shooting to the assault, and Mr. Burnett’s actions that led to the shooting incident. Considering the severity of the charges laid and the ongoing investigation, further revelations relating to the incident are yet to be unearthed.

As per the recent statements released by authorities, there are no further developments in the case that can be shared publicly at this point because the investigation is still scheduled for completion. HERE News will keep you updated with the latest developments in the case as they emerge.

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