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St. Patrick’s Day Festivities at the Newly Renovated Chattanooga Choo Choo Gardens

"Leprechauns in lush garden"

St. Patrick’s Day Festivities at the Newly Renovated Chattanooga Choo Choo Gardens

Unique St.Patrick’s Day Celebration in New Setting


The vibrant city of Chattanooga is all set to revel in St. Patrick’s Day with a grand celebration at the newly renovated Choo Choo gardens. The event, scheduled for Saturday, March 17th, will showcase the updated public space and the burgeoning businesses around.

Organizers have laid down a distinctive line-up of activities starting from 2 p.m. and lasting until 11 p.m., featuring several renowned Irish bands, including The Highland Pipe and Drum Band, striving to create an authentic Irish atmosphere. The vent will be opened by the local band Red Rovers, whose lead guitarist and vocalist, Bill Lee, is also a significant stakeholder at Choo Choo with his Gate 11 Distillery.

Experience Irish Magic in Chattanooga

“We are trying to garner that Irish magic at Choo Choo this year,” said Bill Lee. Committed to delivering the most genuine celebration in the city, Lee adds, “Our aim is not just to be another St. Patrick’s Day event; we aspire to bring a piece of Ireland to Chattanooga.”

Coupled with fine music, this family-friendly event, which marks the start of a series of pubic events at Choo Choo, also features the venue’s new turf lawn and performance stage.

The New Look of Choo Choo Gardens

Located near the famed Chattanooga Choo Choo complex, the Choo Choo gardens have recently undergone a significant makeover. The fresh updates provide a delightful blend of history and modern utility, making it the ideal location for such significant events. This St. Patrick’s Day celebration will hence not only serve as a festive spectacle but also a platform to showcase the revitalized space to the local community and visitors alike.

Reflecting Community Spirit

This unique celebration aims to reflect the community’s spirit and vibrancy. The organizers’ plan ensures the event will not only be a nod to Irish culture but also a salute to the city’s history, encapsulating the essence of Chattanooga. The successful integration of a time-honoured tradition with a renewed public space is a tribute to the city’s perseverance, a hallmark of Chattanooga’s ethos.

This promising gathering invites Chattanoogans to come together, revel in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, and create lasting memories in the green expanse of the updated Choo Choo gardens.

The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day at the new Choo Choo gardens is anticipated to be a major landmark in Chattanooga’s events calendar. It is expected to set the precedent for an enriched socio-cultural life in the city, an aspiration Chattanooga has devotedly been working towards.

All preparatory measures have been made, transforming the ARCH and its surrounding area into the perfect location for celebrating, socializing, and relishing the uniqueness of Chattanooga.

Bringing Together Communities

In conclusion, the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the newly renovated Choo Choo gardens are all set to be much more than a mere festival. It promises to be a grand unifying event that invites the mixing of communities, the sharing of stories, and the creation of new narratives embedded in the city’s rich history and a promising future.

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