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Pesky Potholes: TDOT Boosts Post-Winter Road Repair, Readies for Summer Travel

Pothole repair machinery on highway.

Pesky Potholes: TDOT Boosts Post-Winter Road Repair, Readies for Summer Travel

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, a common post-winter sight are damaged, uneven roads speckled with potholes. These unwelcome disruptions in the road surface are slated for prompt fixing, as the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) gears up to rectify road conditions and prepare for the expected summer travel surge.

Potholes: A Frequent Post-Winter Phenomenon

As we transition from winter to spring, one might wonder – What causes these road blemishes? The answer lies in the volatile weather shifts experienced during these seasons. Rising and falling temperatures coupled with moisture build-up on the roads and heavy vehicular movement lead to the creation of these potholes. When the warmer, drier air of the spring season prevails, the water seeping into the road surface evaporates, leaving a void beneath. This results in the formation of a pothole.

As per Richmond Blackwell, a local mechanic, the emergence of potholes post-winter is a common occurrence. He rightly points out, “As long as there’s weather, there’s gonna be potholes opening up in the spring.”

Pothole Damage: Not Just to Roads

Regrettably, the damage caused by these pesky potholes is not confined to the roads alone. Blackwell highlighted how these road craters also leave damaging imprints on cars, particularly sedans and sportier cars with low tire profiles. These vehicles, he says, stand at a higher risk due to their lower ground clearance and less voluminous tires, leaving them more exposed to the harsh impact of potholes.

TDOT: Gearing Up for Repairs

The Tennessee Department of Transportation is cognizant of these issues and is proactively ramping up their efforts to address road damage. After the harsh winter storm in January, TDOT has announced an increase in their road repair spending for this year. An additional $15 million dollars has been allocated for the purchase of materials and carrying out repair work.

Look Out for Summer Repairs

With summer vacations rolling in and remote working individuals planning road trips to see their families, the need for road repairs is anticipated to rise. The authority understands the imminent road traffic surge and is preparing to meet the need of the hour.

However, it is important to remember that road repairs, although necessary, can lead to momentary disruptions and increase the travel time. Road users are advised to plan their travel in advance, stay updated with the road repair schedules, and account for potential delays while setting course for their destinations.

Safe travel is a collective responsibility. As the TDOT gears up to patch up these annoying disruptions, we as responsible road users can contribute by reporting pothole sightings and cooperating with repair schedules when out and about on our travels. Let’s make our roads safe again, together.

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