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TDOT Updates on Pothole Patch at Interstate-24

Pothole repair progress display.

TDOT Updates on Pothole Patch at Interstate-24


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – An update on the pothole patch at Interstate 24 has been provided by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT). Authorities responded on Wednesday morning to a pothole patch that had been loosened near Dodds Avenue. The incident marks the second of its kind in five years, reinforcing the need for strict monitoring and maintenance of the roadways.

TDOT’s Efforts to Maintain Roads

TDOT officials have reassured the public that they are closely observing the conditions of the expressway to ensure its safety. Adam Casteel, TDOT’s Director of Operations, confirmed that the maintenance supervisor had inspected the I-24 westbound bridge over Dodds Avenue on Thursday. The official reported that the area was performing as expected with no identified complications.

“We will continue to monitor it, but so far everything is performing as expected,” Casteel stated.

TDOT also mentioned further scheduled site visits to the location of the I-24 pothole, demonstrating its commitment to road safety and maintenance.

Maintaining Roads: A Constant Challenge

This recent pothole incident arouses concerns, not only because this is its second occurrence in five years but also for the disruption it can pose to commuters on I-24. Via these updates, TDOT aims to keep its promise of ensuring that all roadways, particularly along the main arteries such as I-24, are kept optimally safe for transit.

Importance of Community Participation

The authorities have emphasized the importance of community participation in maintaining road safety. Measures such as reporting damage or potential issues with roadways can contribute a lot to preventing such incidents in the future.

While officials are making efforts to monitor the road condition, the community can aid them in this mission. If anyone notices a potential problem while traveling on the I-24 or any other roads, it is encouraged to report it promptly to the relevant authorities, to not only ensure their safety but also that of others.

While this incident has put the spotlight back onto the issue of road maintenance, it is hoped that this heightened attention will lead to increased efforts from both officials and the public in ensuring that such situations are avoided in the future.

With TDOT taking up proactive measures like scheduling site visits, the aim is to identify and address any other potential issues as promptly as possible, thereby ensuring safe and smooth commutes for everyone who uses the I-24, and other roadways.


Localities such as Chattanooga rely heavily on their road networks for day-to-day operations. Incidents such as the I-24 pothole serve as valuable reminders of the importance of road maintenance to public safety. As TDOT continues to monitor and improve the situation, it calls on every citizen to contribute to the mission of maintaining roadways safe for all users.

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