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Teen Charged after Stolen Car Chase Begins in Collegedale, Ends in Chattanooga

Police chase teenager car

Teen Charged after Stolen Car Chase Begins in Collegedale, Ends in Chattanooga

Stolen Vehicle Pursuit Begins in Collegedale

The tranquility of Collegedale, Tennessee, was shattered Wednesday evening when a high-speed pursuit involving a stolen vehicle began. The chase started on the 5500 block of Little Debbie Parkway, according to a release from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO). Hamilton County deputies joined the chase on Old Lee Highway, forcing the law enforcement agencies to mobilize resources around the swept zones.

Chase Leads Authorities across Multiple Highways

Throughout the pursuit, authorities were led across various areas, including the I-75 and Bonny Oaks Drive area. The suspect reportedly swerved recklessly through multiple lanes of traffic, putting the lives of road users in imminent danger. The HCSO deputies, however, demonstrated remarkable resilience and focus, carefully tailing the suspect without endangering more lives.

Successful PIT Maneuver Leads to Arrest

Ultimately, HCSO deputies deployed a Precision Immobilization Technique (PIT) to bring the chase to a halt near the 4300 block of Bellview Avenue. In executing a surprising PIT maneuver, authorities were able to stop the stolen vehicle. But as they moved in to apprehend the driver, the suspect bolted from the car and attempted to escape on foot, thus extending the chase.

Foot Chase Ends With Arrest on Aspen Lane

HCSO deputies quickly sprang into action, pursuing the fleeing suspect on foot. The foot chase ended a couple of blocks away on Aspen Lane, where deputies succeeded in apprehending the suspect. In their preliminary investigation, HCSO authorities discovered that the vehicle they had been chasing had been reported as stolen earlier in the day in Chattanooga.

Charges Laid Against Arrested Teen

The arrested party, whose identity has been withheld due to his juvenile status, has been charged with several felonies. The charges include felony evading, felony reckless endangerment, and possession of a stolen vehicle. His arrest comes as a sigh of relief to the owner of the stolen vehicle and residents of the area who had to bear witness to the drama unfolding on the streets.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office expressed gratitude to the public for their patience during the high-speed pursuit and offered assurances of their continued commitment to keeping the peace and safety of the communities they serve.

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