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Tennessee Bill Aims to Regulate Car Booting, Put a Cap on Fees

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Tennessee Bill Aims to Regulate Car Booting, Put a Cap on Fees

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — In downtown Chattanooga, the simple act of forgetting to pay for your parking space could quickly escalate into an issue. The constantly advancing technology in parking regulation ensures this mistake is hardly left unpunished. However, a pending Tennessee bill aims to bring statewide regulations to car booting.

Enter Legislation: Cap On Booting Fees

Senate Majority Leader, Jack Johnson, R-Franklin, introduced the bill following increasing concerns over unrestrained booting practices. He noted that booting had become a widespread issue throughout Tennessee. The proposed legislation would prevent unlicensed individuals from booting cars, and cap the boot release fee at $75.

The manager of Choo Choo towing, Benjamin Duvall, has been vocally against the idea of booting due to unpaid tickets. He believes booting vehicles is taking advantage of car owner’s missteps for financial gain. Duvall has expressed his enthusiasm about the proposed legislation, stating it provides needed protections for consumers.

Govt. Licensed Booting

Under the new legislation, car booting will be broadly prohibited across Tennessee. However, certain exceptions will be made for those licensed by local governments. Those local governments choosing to permit booting will be tasked with licensing and enforcement duties, all of which must be compliant with the legislation’s minimum standards.

Stricter Rules for Parking Companies

Parking companies will be subject to stricter rules under the new bill. A company that boots a vehicle will be required to be available to remove it within 45 minutes of the vehicle owner contacting them. If the company fails to post a notice on the booted car’s windshield, they will bear the responsibility for any damage caused by the boot.

In cases where the towing process has begun but the vehicle has not yet left the parking area, the legislation demands that towing companies release vehicles to the owners for a fee that does not exceed $100. The overarching message communicated by the bill is that companies must adhere to the set laws if they engage in booting vehicles.

In Chattanooga, booting business licenses are renewed annually by city staff, with no requirement for approval by the county commission. If signed into law by the Governor, this legislation will go into effect on July 1.

Source: HERE News Network

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