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Post-Storm TVA Spilling Eases: An Update

"TVA spilling water update"

Post-Storm TVA Spilling Eases: An Update

Reduced Spilling on the Tennessee River

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has announced a reduction in the amount of water spilling through its dams following significant rainfall in the Tennessee Valley last week. In the wake of storms, where up to 8 inches of rain had been dumped across some regions, the TVA increased the flow of water through its 49 dams on the Tennessee River and its tributaries over the weekend in an attempt to control water levels.

Darrell Guinn, operations support manager at the TVA’s river forecast center, has reported that the heavy water flow appearing during the storms has returned to traditional springtime levels at this stage of the week. Despite further rain in the forecast for the region, TVA does not anticipate any problems relating to river flooding or heavy river flow for the time being.

Reservoir Standards Improving

Several reservoirs such as Hiwassee, Fontana, Norris, and Cherokee — which were previously lagging behind in terms of ‘normal’ springtime water levels — have benefited from the recent heavy rainfall. According to Guinn, the TVA is now retaining some of this surplus water as they aim to achieve summer pool levels by the start of June.

Ongoing Construction Activities

In addition to managing water levels following the storms, work is ongoing to construct a larger replacement lock at the Chickamauga Dam on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, as shown in a recent aerial photo shared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The status of this construction work remains unaffected by the storms last week.

Looking Ahead

While the easing of spilling is good news for the TVA and the regions it serves, the authority continues to keep a close eye on weather patterns and remains prepared to respond to future weather events promptly. This proactive and timely response from the Tennessee Valley Authority effectively demonstrates how critical proactive water management strategies are in maintaining the safety and optimal functioning of crucial waterways across the country.

The TVA continues to work diligently in collaboration with other agencies to provide power, maintain water quality, and manage flooding in the Tennessee Valley, serving over 10 million people across seven southeastern states.

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