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Man Apprehended After Allegedly Stalking and Molesting Woman in Tennessee Supermarket

Supermarket Stalking Arrest Scene

Man Apprehended After Allegedly Stalking and Molesting Woman in Tennessee Supermarket

In a recent and disturbing development in Chattanooga, Tennessee, law enforcement officers have arrested a man who is alleged to have been following and fondling a woman in a Walmart store. This shocking incident, which occurred on Signal Mountain Boulevard, has left the community in a state of unease.

Details of the Incident

The victim reported that the man, later identified as Michael Edward Levan, aged 59, had followed her through the aisles of Walmart to the cash register. He reportedly made comments about assisting her out of the store and hinting that she could accompany him.

While at the cash register, Levan allegedly fondled her back and buttocks, an act that was witnessed by an employee at the register. The events were also captured on the store’s surveillance cameras which show Levan rubbing the woman’s back and buttocks and later driving away from the premises.

Investigation and Identification of the Suspect

Despite clear video footage, police were unable to identify the license plate of the vehicle in which the suspect departed. However, in a turn of events, it was revealed that Levan had made a purchase at the store at the exact time of the incident, thereby leaving behind a digital trail that officers were able to follow.

Using the credit card information associated with the purchase, the police identified the suspect as “M Levan.” After conducting further investigation and consolidating the evidence, the law enforcement determined that the suspect was indeed Michael Edward Levan. Subsequently, Levan was apprehended by the Signal Mountain Police Department.

Levan is currently facing charges of sexual battery.

Community Reaction

The incident has sparked a wave of concern and unease among the public. Members of the Chattanooga community are calling for more stringent security measures in public spaces, while issuing reminders about the importance of personal safety.

With Levan’s arrest, it is hoped that it will send out a strong message against such reprehensible behavior and ensure that similar incidents are prevented in the future.

This event makes it evident that while surveillance technology is incredibly crucial in our society for security and legal purposes, it also plays a significant role in identifying and apprehending individuals involved in criminal activities.

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