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4 Places to Experience Tulip Season in Chattanooga

Tulips in Chattanooga landscapes.

4 Places to Experience Tulip Season in Chattanooga


With a beautiful burst of colors, tulip season has officially graced the Greater Chattanooga area in all its glory. Running from March through mid-May, this mesmerizing time draws locals and tourists alike to experience the splendor of thousands of blooms. Spotlights in the local farming community include Joli Jardin’s Farm Stand, Lorenzen Flower Farm, Ooltewah Tulips, and Sanctuary Ridge Farm. Here’s a glimpse at these must-visit locations during tulip season in Chattanooga.

Joli Jardin’s Farm Stand

Located at 141 US-127 in Signal Mountain, Joli Jardin’s Farm Stand invites you to peruse their dazzling double tulips every Thursday to Sunday. Prices for their prewrap bunches start at $10. Be sure to rush before their supply dwindles and the season comes to a close.

Lorenzen Flower Farm

Lorenzen Flower Farm, located at 1374 New Bethel Rd., Dayton is a little under an hour from downtown Chattanooga. Offering a unique self-service setup, this u-pick farm invites enthusiasts to cut their own stems from the fields. An admission fee of $5 and an additional $2 per stem is charged. Visitors are advised to wear comfortable shoes as the terrain can get a bit muddy.

Ooltewah Tulips

Another charming locale to visit during tulip season is Ooltewah Tulips, situated at 9626 Ooltewah Georgetown Rd., Ooltewah. Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day during the peak season, this farm offers an array of activities. In addition to picking tulips, guests can feed the cows, take a barrel train ride, and patronize local vendors. Admission starts at $5, with free entry for children under four years. Further, they provide helpful tips on stem cutting and tulip care.

Sanctuary Ridge Farm

Last but not least, the Sanctuary Ridge Farm located at 1917 Armstrong Ferry Rd., Decatur opens its doors for the tulip season with a grand Tulip Festival. Approximate 50 minutes from the city, this u-pick farm provides an enchanting setting with a view of the Cumberland Plateau. With $5 per car entry, visitors can witness the blooming of 12,000 tulips. Remember to carry your own vase of water to keep your precious stem selections vibrant for the journey home.

Bringing Home Tulips

Once you’ve chosen your cherished tulips and brought them home, ensure optimum care and maintain their beauty by inserting a penny or two in the vase with cold water. This simple trick can help prevent the blooms from drooping.

It is noteworthy to mention that our friends over at Creekside Flower Farm have adopted an early bloom method to usher in the tulip season earlier in the year. Their tulip season ended before others started, but it’s never too early to plan a visit for next year

In summary, make sure to mark your calendars, gather your family, and head to these local farms to live the charming tulip season in Chattanooga.

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