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Payback Time: Chattanooga City Calls In Old Unpaid Tickets

Traffic tickets punishment scene.

Payback Time: Chattanooga City Calls In Old Unpaid Tickets

Unsettled Traffic Tickets

Chattanooga citizens holding onto unpaid fines, fees or parking tickets may soon be receiving a reminder from the city. The Office of City Court Clerk, headed by Anthony Byrd, is undergoing a comprehensive review of records reaching as far back as 1987 in order to identify outstanding penalities that have yet to be settled.

An Unexpected Reminder

“I was like, this has got to be a scam,” says David Vaught, who faced quite a surprise when he received a 26-year-old speeding ticket in the mail. The unpaid balance on the ticket had now soared to over 600 dollars. Vaught’s case is just one among many that Clerk Anthony Byrd’s office has unearthed so far during the review process.

Fees Waivers and Payment Plans

However, those in possession of high fines should not panic just yet, as Byrd indicates that some of these fees may be waived. “…We’re committed to finding solutions that are fair and manageable for everyone involved. Whether it’s through lump sum payments, payment plans, or partial payments, our goal is to provide options that fit their circumstances,” Byrd assures.

Crackdown on Unpaid Tickets

The recent crackdown on unpaid tickets is the result of a significant backlog accumulated over decades, an issue that has only worsened due to disruptions caused by COVID-19 pandemic. Byrd and his team have been conscientiously reviewing records and reaching out to individuals with outstanding payments in a bid to rectify the situation.

Legal Implications

According to Chattanooga Attorney Jonathan Turner, there is no legal limit on the collection of judgments. Individuals are not required by law to pay these fines, but non-payment could lead to serious consequences such as loss of license or asset seizure. Yet Vaught maintains, “I didn’t pay it 26 years ago, I don’t feel I should have to pay it now.”

Get In Touch

If you have received a letter about an outstanding fine from the city, Clerck Byrd’s office can be reached at 423-643-7542. If you possess an outstanding fine and have received communication from the city in this regard, HERE News would be interested in hearing your story.

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