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Annual Weather Radio Event Launched in Chattanooga

Weather radio promotion event.

Annual Weather Radio Event Launched in Chattanooga

The Purpose of the Event

Residents of Chattanooga, Tennessee, were urged to not just check their weather forecasts, but to tune in their radio frequencies as well. This year’s first Weather Radio event was launched, engaging radio listeners and promoting weather preparedness in the community.

This proactive approach to weather safety was underway at two blockbuster locations in town, East Ridge and Walden, and was set to continue until 7 p.m. Demonstrations and programming events that aided in the proper use of weather radios were planned throughout the day.

An Opportunity to Give Back

Opting for a brand-new weather radio at the event not only educated the buyers on receiving potentially lifesaving weather warnings, but also contributed to a noble cause. For every new radio purchased, $5 got channeled to the Forgotten Child Fund, an effort that underlines the reciprocal and socially responsible theme of this annual event.

Importance of a Weather Radio

Weather radios are immensely useful devices that provide real-time alerts on severe weather conditions such as tornadoes, floods, or blizzards. They operate on their dedicated channels, independent from regular broadcast networks. This ensures that they remain functional even if

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