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Win VIP tickets with Hits 96 for Jessie Murph show in Chattanooga

Excited fans celebrating concert.

Win VIP tickets with Hits 96 for Jessie Murph show in Chattanooga

Chattanooga residents now have the opportunity to win prized VIP tickets for a Jessie Murph show, thanks to Hits 96!

Hits 96 Offers Tickets for Jessie Murph VIP Show

The well-known local radio station, Hits 96, is offering listeners a chance to win exclusive VIP tickets to the upcoming show by pop sensation Jessie Murph in Chattanooga. This exciting initiative gives fans the opportunity to witness their favorite artist perform live and enjoy a VIP experience.

Stay Tuned with Hits 96

Followers of the station will know that the ever-popular host Gino D is at the helm of this exciting offer. Known for his vibrant personality and love for his pet Chihuahuas, audiences can follow Gino D on Instagram to stay updated on the competition and all related events. Jessie Murph fans have every reason to stay glued to their radios and social media outlets as more details about this amazing opportunity unfolds.

Jessie Murph – The Pop Sensation

Jessie Murph is known for her captivating performances and hit songs that enamor thousands of fans across the globe. Her shows are renowned for high energy performances and emotional connectivity with the audience, a combination that’s sure to make this upcoming event in Chattanooga a memorable one. The chance to experience such an event in VIP style is truly a privilege, and Hits 96 is making this chance available to their loyal listeners.

Connect with the Excitement

Listeners should be sure to follow Hits 96 on their social feeds and stay connected with them on-air to get the best chance of winning a golden ticket to Jessie Murph’s show. Participation instructions are expected to be released closer to the date of the concert, and the anticipation is already building within the Chattanooga community.

A Treat for Chattanooga

It’s clear this opportunity is not just a treat for Jessie Murph fans but also for the City of Chattanooga. The prospect of such a high-profile event drives tourism, fosters community engagement, and brings about an unmatched level of excitement in the city. Jessie Murph’s shows are known for their atmosphere, and this will surely add to the cultural tapestry of Chattanooga.

Stay Tuned!

Make sure you stay tuned with Hits 96 for your chance to win VIP tickets to Jessie Murph’s show. It’s a fabulous chance to witness an electrifying performance by a global pop sensation in VIP style. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – start following Hits 96 and Gino D now for all the details!

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