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Woman Charged In Connection With Execution-Style Murder as Getaway Driver in Eastgate Loop

Dark getaway car scene

Woman Charged In Connection With “Execution” Murder as Getaway Car Driver in Eastgate Loop

A Chattanooga Tragedy

Chattanooga, TN: A woman has been indicted as the getaway driver following the murder of 27-year-old Johnny McNabb in Eastgate Loop on April 26. The accused, identified as Chanity Tampari Upshaw, 34, of East Ridge, has been charged with accessory after the fact.

The Incident

Police officers swiftly responded to a distress call around 10 p.m. concerning a person shot at 951 Eastgate Loop. Upon arrival, they discovered McNabb suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

A detective was able to secure video footage that revealed a black Hyundai Tucson parked at the same location about an hour before McNabb arrived. As McNabb appeared, two individuals exited the Tucson and approached him from behind, at which point they shot him multiple times, “executing” him on the spot. A third person, standing adjacent to the Tucson, fired additional shots before the vehicle sped off.

The Getaway and the Burning Car

The Tucson was later discovered ablaze on Midland Pike. More footage revealed a red Nissan Altima leaving the scene of the vehicle fire as the Tucson began to burn. Further footage showed the Altima, with its hazard lights on, stopped on Midland Pike as the Tucson pulled up and stopped behind it. The Tucson’s doors opened, suggesting that the suspects from the Tucson had left it and entered the Altima.

The Investigations And Arrest

Upon investigation, detectives found the red Nissan belonged to Upshaw. When questioned at her residence, Upshaw initially claimed to have been at work at the time of the shooting. However, confronted with the evidence of her car caught on video at the burning vehicle’s location, she posited an explanation about being a Hospice worker and having a client in one of the area’s houses. Yet, none of the residents on the hill had a family member with Hospice care, negating her claims.

Interestingly, Upshaw’s phone activity showed it was functioning normally before and after the homicide timeframe but was off during it. Police believe this was a deliberate attempt by Upshaw to prevent law enforcement from tracking her location.

Further questioning led to police asserting that Upshaw admitted to driving the Nissan Altima on the day of the incident. She also confessed to being the driver of the vehicle that was waiting for the suspects from the homicide.


“Detectives believe it is clear Upshaw was a part of the homicide plot, transported the suspects away from the incident location, and is preventing law enforcement from identifying the suspects,” stated the Chattanooga authorities.

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