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YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga Strives to Combat Childhood Hunger

Children eating healthy food.

YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga Strives to Combat Childhood Hunger

In an effort to combat childhood hunger, enough meals to feed thousands of children across the Chattanooga region will be provided free of charge by the YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga.

The Food and Fun Program

Volunteers from New Hope United Methodist Church have eagerly joined forces with the YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga to prepare and pack meals as part of the Food and Fun Program. Under the mission of alleviating childhood hunger, this year’s summer feeding initiative will be launching again, providing both meals and fun to children 18 years and younger across 80 sites throughout the region.

Contributing to Community Well-being

The meals are all inclusive, offered to children regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. As part of the broader outreach of the YMCA mission, the feeding program aims to contribute to community well-being by providing nutritionally balanced meals on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the summer vacation.

Cooperation from North Georgia and J.A. Henry Community YMCAs

This ambitious feeding operation will be run out of two centres, the North Georgia Community and J.A. Henry Community YMCAs. They both have committed to work hand-in-hand this summer to ensure that no child in their reach goes without a meal. This major endeavor reflects their commitment to the YMCA’s mission of fostering community development and empowering young people.

A Mission to Tackle Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is a major issue affecting hundreds of children in the Chattanooga region, and the YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga is determined to fight the issue head-on this summer. Through the summer feeding program, they hope not only to provide nourishment for children who may not have regular access to meals during the holiday periods, but also to further enhance the sense of community among local residents and add a layer of happiness to children’s summer memories.

How to Participate

For parents or guardians interested in having their children participate in the program, the process is fairly straightforward. As the meals are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, it is suggested to check with the North Georgia Community or the J.A. Henry Community YMCAs for daily meal service times.

Nutrition, fun, and community engagement are at the core of this YMCA’s programme. The YMCA of Metropolitan Chattanooga and its dedicated volunteers are ready to help ensure that every child in their community has the opportunity to enjoy a healthy, happy summer.

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