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Diving into Safety: Chattanooga YMCAs Introduce New Swimming Rules to Prevent Tragedies

"Life jacket pool training."

Diving into Safety: Chattanooga YMCAs Introduce New Swimming Rules to Prevent Tragedies

Chattanooga, Tennessee

New Report Alert

As temperatures sizzle and pools become an attractive option to cool down, it is important to note the rising concerns over pool safety. A new report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission signals a concerning 21% increase in drowning deaths in children under the age of 15 since 2021. In light of this drastic uptick, YMCA locations throughout Chattanooga have announced new regulations that aim to safeguard families from such unimaginable mishaps.

The ‘Water Watcher’ Program

The Cansler YMCA Executive Director, Bekah Grace, revealed a grim statistic, stating, “A swimming pool is 14 times more likely to be the venue of death than an automobile for a child aged between 1 and 4.” She emphasized that while swimming lessons could aid in child safety, adult supervision remains indispensable. To address this, the YMCA has initiated a new ‘Water Watcher’ program. Parents or caregivers can collect a tag, taking a pledge to keep continuous watch on children near the water. The tag serves as a tangible reminder to eliminate any potential distractions that could avert their attention, thus, prioritizing child safety around water bodies.

As Grace elucidates, “This badge is quite a visual. Parents can take this home; they can wear it if they’re the assigned water watcher, or even hang it on their fence as a reminder. When you take this badge, you declare that you will be the adult in charge, remain attentive around water, abstain from using your phone, refrain from consuming alcohol while supervising kids. In a nutshell, it means taking responsibility for the children in the water.”

New Swimming Lessons

In vigorous efforts aimed at reducing accidents, Marissa Bell from Chattanooga Metropolitan YMCA has announced an unprecedented program. For the first time, Chattanooga YMCA locations will offer swimming lessons as part of their day camp activities this summer, thus ensuring that safety drills and swimming skills are ingrained in every child who undertakes their programs.


In essence, the new rules implemented by the YMCA underline the importance of responsible supervision while children engage in swimming activities. By offering swimming lessons in day camps and introducing the ‘Water Watcher’ initiative, there is a significant move towards a safer and more cautious approach to water-related recreational activities. Here’s to a safer summer!

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